Unbiased Medical Examinations

Unbiased Medical Examinations

Qualified Disability Specialists, Inc. (QDSI), founded in 1991 by Jose Luis Chavez, MD. Jose, has provided consistent unbiased medical examinations for over 25 years, addressing return to work issues, disability ratings and most issues for the successful management of work-related injuries/illnesses for current or permanent limitations. 

Certified Independent Medical Examiners

Qualified Disability Specialists, Inc. consists of a multi-discipline group of physicians, who are certified independent medical examiners, capable of providing expert medical examinations as well as a number of additional services. Some of which are diagnostic film reviews, medical record reviews, peer reviews, fitness for duty and FMLA evaluations. 

Our Consultants

Our independent medical examiners are certified in orthopedics, neurology, psychology, neurosurgery, occupational medicine, chiropractic medicine with other specialties available.

Our Goal

The goal of the physicians of Qualified Disability Specialists, Inc. is to provide the highest quality of service while performing and providing a strict unbiased medical examination, to help establish a definite diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan. Physicians will make recommendations for alternative tests or treatments when appropriate, and establish a time frame of recovery for return to work along with current standards of care.  

We always consider the critical nature of return to work issues and appropriate review of records to establish a fact-based opinion. A requested addendum is always considered in a prompt, efficient manner to allow a rapid resolution of the case.