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Independent Medical Examination:

A nonbiased examination by a physician or other appropriate professional to render an opinion on a specific issue or issues. This professional is an independent examiner, having no stake in the outcome of the issue(s). For example, the physician does not treat the examinee, or work for the employer, the law firm or the TPA (third party administrator). He/she is independent from all parties of the issue.

Medical Record Reviews:

Also known as physician chart reviews, medical discovery consultation or second opinion reviews, this is a review of supplied medical or psychological records that is performed by the appropriate professional to render an opinion regarding a specific issue or issues.

Psychological Testing and Evaluations:

An evaluation and testing performed by a psychologist to render an opinion on a specific issue or issues. The examiner is independent, not treating the examinee, or being affiliated with any party to the claim.

Permanent Impairment Ratings:

An examination which renders a percentage of whole body impairment based on official and nationally accepted guidelines.

Family Medical Leave:

An opinion rendered on examination of the client and review of medical records regarding the appropriateness of the requested FMLA leave.

Fitness for Duty:

An evaluation to assess the individual’s current physical capacity for a specific type of work.

Functional Capacity:

This examination, done by a certified physical therapist and reviewed by a physician, is generally performed after the physical therapy for an injury has been completed. It is a specific evaluation that determines the individual’s functional capacity at that point.  

Vocational Assessment:

A process to determine an individual’s interests, abilities, aptitudes, and capacities to identify strengths, needs and career potential.

Diagnostic Film Review:

A review of films/disks by a radiologist.

Peer Reviews:

A review of an opinion by a professional of the same profession as the original opinion rendered.

Pre-employment Assessment:

An examination to evaluate the status of the examinee before employment.

Auto/Collision Injury Opinions:

An evaluation based on the mechanism of injury, the examination and the medical records, which renders an opinion regarding the issues of the accident.

Veteran Examinations:

An evaluation of the requested diagnosis and issues pertaining to veterans of the armed forces.

Depositions and Court Testimony:

Opinions, reviews and evaluations pertaining to medical/injury/illness issues going to court.

Drug Testing:

Laboratory testing to determine use of drugs.

Educational Seminars:

Seminars/information on requested topics.