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IME, Independent Medical Examination

An IME (Independent Medical Examination) is a nonbiased examination by a physician or other appropriate professional to render an opinion on a specific issue or issues. This professional is an independent examiner, having no stake in the outcome of the issue(s). For example, the physician does not treat the examinee, or work for the employer, the law firm or the TPA (third party administrator). He/she is independent from all parties of the issue.

Generally the client is only seen once by a provider for medical evaluation or psychological evaluation. One might ask can a true determination of IME (Independent Medical Examination) be done with one visit. Yes, it can because the examination is accompanied by information received from the client's doctors and testing that has been completed. A review of the records and the medical examination, in conjunction with the expertise and training of the provider, give the providers a well rounded picture of information for their determinations. Determinations are made pertaining to requested topics. For example, one employer may need to know if the client is able to return to a previous position of employment at the same level of exertion, or is a different level appropriate and it can be done by IME (Independent Medical Examination). Another may need to ascertain what a client's restrictions may be, and for how long. A third might want to know if a second injury is related to the first injury.

IME (Independent Medical Examination) can be requested by an employer, a third party administrator, the bureau of workers' compensation or a lawyer. It is scheduled, the IME (Independent Medical Examination) is performed; it is dictated and transcribed. The report is then sent to the requesting party. The IME (Independent Medical Examination) is often a vital link in the process of the client's treatment and recovery.

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